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Facebook is the largest delivery social network in the work. It gives the opportunities for people all over the world to communicate using
one service, share different buy Facebook likes on photo information, pictures, images and videos.

With a help of posts it makes it easier to share different articles, news, jokes from other sites.
How was it founded and what’s the main best site to buy Youtube views purpose of the service?
The first push to create a Facebook was the idea to choose the hottest person in Harvard University. For this reason Mark created
the program Facemash in 2003 though it was just stealing likes on post the data from Harvard's computer network to upload the photos of the
students. Later on this program became very popular but was closed by Harvard Members administration for stealing the personal
information. But the idea was still alive and Mark decided to create a real site that’d help people to communicate easier. On
fourth of February site “TheFacebook” was created. First it’s membership was restricted. The basic idea – to create a site where
people from one university How to can likes on comment communicate likes on comment was too popular and then Mark added other universities (Columbia, Yale, Stanford) and
companies (Apple, Microsoft) to enlarge the audience.

Only on sixth of September 2006 active Facebook followers was fully opened for people all over the world who are at least 13 and have a validated
email address.

The creators made a lot of more changes during the last 8 years for users. There were: like buttons, timeline, posting the location of
a person, posting and sharing Fans video files, the option of choosing the url of your page, chats and video and voice calls through

Talking about Facebook Fans PayPal as a service quick cheap and fast of communication Visa and Mastercard we must not forget other interesting facts concerning the change of human

-2 million users update their likes on photo statuses every twenty minutes
-Due to a Facebook the world has created four new billionaires
-The most likes on post popular brand on a Facebook Members via Paypal is Coca-Cola. It has the most likes from users Website
-Facebook costs nearly 80 billion dollars though in 2009 it’s cost was only 4 billion dollars
-It has more than 1.15 million users
-There’s also known real Facebook Addiction Disorder from which 350 million users are suffering
-Average person spends on a followers Facebook likes 20 minutes per visit instant and 8 hours per month
-Online divorces can be also caused by this network. Many couple break fast up just buy Fans on Facebook via Paypal because of bad Fans comments or changing the marital
statuses on a buy Facebook members cheap and fast
-The address of a founder Mark Zuckerberg can be found just by typing the.  Why he has chosen number
four, but not number one is still a secret for users.

Internet, different sites and social networks became valuable parts of our lives. Here we can find advertisement, information,
news, share our points of view or even get a job.


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