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The Vine – is free web-service which is intended in Vine followers order that users could share in Vine likes it videos with all on the Internet.
The Vine was launched in October, 2010. The Vine program works as follows: the user takes a video, then applies to it one of standard digital filters and then he will be able to share the collage with the friends through any social network, including own network Vine.

The program is distinguished by such feature - that the processed video has an equal relation of the sides, it turns out square as it was in old cameras from Kodak and the Polaroid. The modern cameras have other size of a frame, usually it makes 4:3.
Initially the Vine program worked only at iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. However in April 2012 the Vine version was released for Android. Now the program can be installed in App Store and Google Play.
In April, 2012 the was Vine bought followers Paypal by the Facebook for about $1 billion. This purchase happened just before Facebook share issue on IPO and cost the company a quarter of all available money. This transaction called unsuccessful purchase which creates around a lot of noise, but it has no adequate business model. For an example it is possible to look at the transaction on purchase by the Yahoo company of the Flickr service which still remains to one of 50 of the most man-tended on the Internet.
Mark Zuckerberg claims followers on Vine that they bought Vine with the purpose to develop and improve a product, instead of to close it as many people read. According to many people in Internet business, Facebook simply buys perspective startups, stops development in followers and likes using Paypal them, and talented employees takes on operation over the projects. This transaction brought to the executive director Vine Sistrom about $400 million according to his share in firm at that time .
The Vine positions as exclusively kind community and maintains this image in every way. For example, it is forbidden to publish videos in which the person does harm to himself.
Rules of use are happy are simple: to use the Vine the user shall be cheap and fast higher than 13 years; it is forbidden to post videos of naked or partially naked body in Vine and also it is recited that the owner of an account bears full responsibility for all activity made from this account.
The Vine completely leaves for the user copyright of all content, such as texts, pictures and other which that adds via Paypal in Internet to Buy 30000 Instagram followers. Since January 2013 Vine began to request the identity card for user registration. Such measure is connected to appearance of a large number of violations of conditions of use of service from audience growing by huge rates. vine icon 1000 Vine Followers $12, 1000 Vine Likes $12

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